About Us .

Recognized as a knowledge based production company by Iran’s VP of science and technology, Padena Polymer was established in 2007 backed by over a decade of research and experience in masterbatches and advanced polymer sciences. Using the latest science, an expert research team, advanced laboratories, and connections with the industry and research centers, we are equipped to update and upgrade our products and services with the latest technologies, and offer our technical and engineering expertise as a service to our valued customers.
Our products and services cover a wide array of industries such as automotive, film, packaging, steel pipe coating, injection molding, electronics, pipes and fittings, home appliances, and many more.
Among what distinguishes Padena Polymer from our competitors is our advanced production machinery and our complete and modern laboratory equipment. These advantages give us the ability to produce a wide range of high quality polymer products with a production capacity of 23,000 metric tons per year.

Given Padena Polymer’s strategic goals towards knowledge-based production, we have received certificate of production from the National Iranian Gas Company, the VP of food and medicine of the Health Ministry of Iran, as well as ISO9001:2008.

Message From CEO .

Since its establishment in 2007, Padena Polymer has placed quality and customer satisfaction above all else. After a decade of activity, we have shown that under no circumstances are we willing to compromise the quality of our products, even in harsh economic times. Our obligation to ourselves to provide consistently high quality products alongside developing new ones has resulted in a constant improvement in our services and receiving ISO 9001:200 certification, Mehrcampars verifications, health certification for food grade products and gas certifications for three layer Polyethylene of steel pipe coating for three consecutive years.
From the start of our activity, we have put great importance to observing these national and international standards in management and production as a presumption has been a presumption in making high quality products and this is a belief that needs to constantly be in the company.
Exporting high quality products that are able to compete with the top global brands has always been one of the goals of the company. With the new economic environment in Iran, we’re after increasing our foreign market share based on innovation and our customers’ needs.
Undoubtedly, the human capital in every organization is one of the most important factors in leading it towards constant development and improvement. Our excellent track record is a result of our dedicated and expert employees. With their understanding of their goals, principles, and social responsibilities, our employees have constantly taken steps towards providing the best products and services in the compounding industry.
With a knowledge based mindset and reliance on their expertise, the middle management at Padena Polymer has kept itself up-to-date with the latest scientific and economic trends, improved processes, and built the groundwork for development and employment of young workforce.
The staff’s efforts and alignment is an important factor in sustainable development of an organization. Padena Polymer’s management thanks the staff for their constant effort and commitment, and is pledges to constantly improve their work environment as well as their technical and knowledge skills.
Padena Polymer has set high goals for itself. In addition to increasing market share and profits, and improving our brand image, we aim to do our share in supporting job-creation, investments, and national production. We hope that through this website, we can connect with operators in the automotive, film, packaging, steel pipe coating, injection parts, electronic, pipes and fittings, and home-appliance industries and together, with constructive partnerships, build a better future for our country.