Laboratory .

As one of its principles, Padena Polymer is committed to providing consistently high quality products. We aspire to achieve this by focusing simultaneously on both the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.
For this, we’ve implemented the DEN EN ISO 9001 quality management system, with an emphasis on preventive measurements and quality assurance processes for all departments in Padena Polymer.
Parts of the goal of this plan are:
– Achieving high level of satisfaction from our customers
– Providing products and services fulfilling our customers’ needs
– Preventing and eliminating errors and mistakes
– Training our employees with the latest technologies

Moreover, in order to bring consistency to our product quality, we’ve created one of the most well-equipped quality control laboratories in the polymer compounding industry. With the help of our highly qualified and experienced staff, we’ve put in place a detailed quality check process for our raw material and products in every step of the way.